Welcome to CouponLocker.com!

Currently we are still under development and you will soon be able to manage your coupon creator account. Our website will be easy to use and navigate.

Once our website is live, you may request a coupon creator account. We can also send your coupon script to your webmaster so it can be added to your website with an iFrame. This will help your website's visitors find great money saving coupons directly on your website as well as on couponlocker.com!

Consumers use coupons to try new products and try local retailers without breaking the bank. That said, we encourage all our retailer members to provide the best deals to attract new visitors to their stores and increase revenues; don't hesitate to discount deeply...  You control the redemptions and you manage your sales by selling add ons and upgrades to your product or service.

At this time, we are also looking for independent sales reps that are interested in a lucrative work from home, commissioned based, opportunity. We provide all the necessary tools and you manage your own time as you wish.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please write me for updates and to stay informed of our developments...


You can email directly at alexg at couponlocker dot com - just convert the words to symbols.